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Is The Juggernaut, Bitch!
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United States
A lot of people have asked me what was going to come of all the Angel Rangers stuff and I was pretty mum on it for a while. But after working on bits and pieces of this in the background with EventSpawn, I’ve decided to make it known to a larger group.

The Angel Rangers game will be something of a strategic RPG with smut thrown in to the mix. A lot of what we have right now are stand in art assets but the system which it runs off of is mostly solid.

So far I’ve had to split my time between Patreon work, commissions, and this…. with this getting the absolute least attention of the three. But now that we’ve got to a point where we feel like things are starting to come together I’d like to put the development of assets for the game forth as an option for everyone who is currently a patron or who would like to become one. The Angel Rangers stuff can now be put in to the mix for nomination, it can be voted on, and WIPs of it will become available to silver tier patrons in the future with builds being released to EVERYONE in the copper tier and up.

But this hinges entirely on your interest. I’m excited to be working on something like this and I’d LOVE to be able to dedicate more time to it to make it look awesome. Phase 1 battles are all fight and strategy but when a battle goes to phase 2, thats where the smut comes in. We’d also like to be able to make some relationships options between rangers and add MORE monsters as well as a couple of the secondary characters, IE a sexy Android Alpha.

Screens for what we have can be found on my tumblr here!

If you're interested in supporting this project please head on over to my patreon and get involved so I can make something we'll all be happy with here!

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Samus Aran
Platinum Tier reward for Groundshaker from this month. There’s a futa version on my patreon and Hi Rex versions of BOTH are included in the Patreon Sketch Pack available on my E-junkie!

Still looking to shore up funds to compensate for my wife’s trip to the hospital earlier this month so if you guys want to help out grab the sketch pack, which has a total of 47 pages of content including 4 which are exclusive to the pack itself.

Patrons who have their payments confirmed for this month (which happens beginning of this coming month) will get the sketch pack as a thank you for their support so that is ALSO an option!

I also have a smaller pack of content being released at the end of this month/beginning of next month which will have a rather large full scale CG in it as well so stick around for that as well!

Sketch Pack:…
Patreon Sketch Pack 2016
As many of you have already read, my wife was admitted to the emergency room earlier this month due to a miscarriage. Due to some complications and the emotional toll it took we took a few days away from things. As many of you may ALSO recall, I predicted a hefty financial toll that would come toward the end of the month from our insurance.

I was only PART right. The surprise on the financial end did not come from our insurance, in fact…we’ve yet to receive a bill from them. Instead it came from some red tape technicality nonsense at my wife’s work that effectively forfeited any of the pay she was supposed to receive through their own short term disability and everything she had to go through in order to PROVE she did actually miscarry.

We’re pushing back on it of course, but while that gets managed we got bills in the present…including a mortgage. So to that end I have collected the last year and a half’s worth of (NSFW) sketches done for Patreon and assembled them in to a single sketch pack for everyone to enjoy. Because SOME of the files now longer have high rez versions I have also included 4 NEW sketches to be exclusive to the pack.

The total page count for this sketch pack is 47 pages and includes all variants for the various sketches I’ve done.

All Patrons (of copper tier and up)who have their payments confirmed at the end of this month will be receiving this full sketch pack as a bonus perk to their patronage as a thank you for all of their help! So if you’re already a patron and would like to get this, worry not… it’ll be available to you in a few days.

The price for the sketch pack is set at $5 USD, but if you would like to contribute a bit more as either a tip or a way of helping us out of a slight financial jam that option is available at check out!

If you’re unable to pick this up now, don’t worry….it’ll be up for a bit. In the meantime I appreciate ANY reblogs you guys can throw at this! And thank you VERY much!

Patreon Sketch Pack 2016…

Patreon Link:
Platinum Tier Reward - Angel Red

Last Month Event Spawn wanted Angel Red for his Platinum Tier sketch from patreon and wanted to see her with her helmet off. I was all too happy to oblige!

Assets for the game will be posted with more frequency over on my Patreon, as will the demo for the game once we have a working one ready to go. To help support the project come check me out! Every Little bit helps!


Platinum Tier Reward - Haydee
The thickest bot I’ve ever seen, a sketch for Antonio B!

Want more? Want to help support me cranking stuff out? Check out my Patreon.
Pitch Black
Pitch Black has been around for longer than most people realize, and every time she turns up fans tell stories about the last time she competed. They tell stories of how she died in the ring. How she's actually a cyborg or a gyanoid. Some say she's a demon wearing human skin. Whatever the case is, Pitch Black fights like she's not afraid to get hurt or even die, she holds nothing back. She's one of the few competitors who is just as skilled in Melee as she is at range and in addition to her Hydrokinesis possesses an unsettling form of Umbrakinesis, allowing her to manipulate shadows and darkness, typically to hinder her foes. Many who have fought her swear the shadows have physical form, but experts believe this is a clever mix of her powers to create that illusion.

Whatever the case, most hesitate to get in to the ring with Pitch Black when she comes around....with the exception of Baja Blast. Which is precisely why Pitch Black is hellbent on crushing her in the she learns the lesson.


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